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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 14, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. an outpouring of emotion for a little boy that was struck and killed. what the boy's mother says needs to be done to keep this from happening again. >> no public official gets a free pass and no one is above the law. a county executive and his wife face ssveral charges. how they tried to hiie money. iim vytas reid. gorgeous day today. we have changes coming our way. we were hanging to the
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outside of the boat for 18 hours. >> the amazing story of survival. how three boaters were saved after 18 hours in the water. live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. % good evening. i'm jennifer gilbert. dozens of tow truck drivers gathered to remember a co-worker who was gunned down on the job. he only been working a few weeks. it was a job that suited him well because he liked to help people. >> why was he shot? we don't know. the police don't know. >>reporter: the motive is still a mystery for mike joyce, whooe son was shot and killed on the job. his killer has yet to be caught. his family hopes someone with information wiil call police. >> somebody knows something. we need to help hem. >>reporter: joyce was found
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shot to death moments aater answering a call for help. a woman and her baby were stranded after their car broke down. someone came to pick them up and moments later as andy prepared to tow the car away, andy pulled the trigger. >> this was a tow truck driver helping someone, that was randomly murdered. >>reporter: andrew's murder is a crime that left many shaken, baffled and simply heartbroken. >> i first saw andy at the funeral home. it didn't look >> police don't think anything was stole fren the truck. no one seems ton why he was targeted. there is a reward being offered through metro crime stoppprs. an emotional gathering in nnrtheast baltimore as a neighborhood remembers a seven-year old boy, who was killed. dozens of people held
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candles and prayed at the place where he was struck and killed. it happened friday afternoon on bel air road near longview road. he darted ut in to traffic. hhs mother says something needs to being done to slow drivers down. >> this was all the time. all the time. (unintelligible). this is a very dangerous street. we need a light put up to direct this traffic. >> the driver who hit the boy did stay at the scene and they are not being charged. the windows of at least two cars are shot out in baltimore county. police think the shooter was using a pellet gun. this happened around 5:00 tonight over the reservoir. the road leading up to it was closed by police after it happened. one driver got glass in their eye and another person got hit in the leg. no one has been arrested. a pasadena teenager is
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charged with murder tonight. 17-year old -- is one of four suspects who police say stormed in to a glen burnie ppzza restaurant and murdered 20-year old flor ez. he was inside the
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police arr steppinn up patrols around one apartment complex where a woman said she was raped while she was taking out the trash. myranda stephens has more on why some residents say they don't feel very safe. >> i had my balcony cracked and one of my windows cracked. >>reporter: this woman said she knew she heard screaming outside her laurel apartment builling last monday. she said she had no idea the screams were coming from a woman being raped. >> i did hear a scream, but i heard that scream before and it sounded like children playing or something like that because it wasn't a help-help scream. it was a scream. >>reporter: police say after 7:00 monday night a 23-year old woman walked behind the building to throw trash in the
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dumpster. as she was walking back, a man standing in the bushes suddenly began following her and then grabbed her and threatened her with the weapon. he then raped the woman before taking off on foot. >> he felt comforrable getting out, but now it's like i'm making sure i check each time. % >>reporter: officers searched the area, but couldn't find the suspect. they did release this com pos identity sketch of the man, describeddas black, six-feet tall and 50 pounds. at the time, he was wearing a red-hooded swwatshirt and sweatpants. police say they also stepped up patrols in the area, but some residents say not as much as they should. >>reporter: sheemakes sure she has someone with her on the
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phone at niggt. if the complex doesn't ncrease security soon, she may leave. >> safety is key. it's important. when you have childden and you want to feel free with them come nothing and out. i don't feel that way anymore. >>reporter: fox 45 news at 10:00. the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. anyone with information about the rape is asked to call police. more arrests are expected in the federal investigation of corruption in prince george's county government. the home of county executive jack johnson and his wife was raided on friday by the fbi. the investigation stems from allegation of kickbacks from developers. when ages went in to the home, leslie johnson,
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>> both jack johnson and his wife maintain their innocence. the fbi says more developers and government officials will be interviewed and more people will be arrested. another absolutely beautiful day topping off an absolutely beautiful weekend. vytas reid is here with a look at the skywatch foreccst. >> a gorgeous day today. we saw plenty of sunshine. the temperatures were fabulous out there in the mid-60s. lots of folks were out and about enjoying this nice weather. we have a few changes to the west. shhwing folks having to dealing with showerssii parts of pennsylvania or western maryland. a few cloudd working theer way in. it's losing its luster as there's not much activity over central maryland. we have another front back to the west hat will be
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converging over the midatlantic as we get in to late tomorrow 1 night. it's working with a system down to the south. we have a system coming up out of mississippi, alabama and georgia that will be riding along the southern tip of frootal boundary bringing us rain. the two forces will converge over our region giving us a chance for decent rainfall -pas we get in to late monday we can't afford to borrow another $700 billionn >> the pressure is on on
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capitol hill. what both parries are saying about possibly extending the bush-era tax cut. >> we were hanging to the outside of the boat for 18 hours. % >> how three men survived in the gulf of mexico after theirr boat flipped over. (music playing) >> the big sttrs from the movie world will guest s
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congress returns to work tomorrow for a session giving democrats their final taste of conttol in the house for now. the main points of the session the same. >>reporter: another hoo topic. a possible repeal by the senate or "don't ask, don't tell."
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that's not likely to be decided until after december 1st, hen the pentagon is scheduled to release its report on how it would affect the military. p> i want a thorough and complete study of the effect on morale and effectiveness of the united states military.
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three boaters in florida are back on dry hand after peing lost in the gulf of mexico for 18 hours. the men >> other than that , they are all okay. people in baltimore county and beyond are helping mmke the
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holidays a little brighter for kids in need. jewish community services in pikesville held a toy drive today. they're accepting new toys, bookss school supplies and gift cards. the items will be given out to families celebrating chanukkah and christmas. with the tough economy, it's so important to give if you can. >> people who used to come and donate are now sometimes finding themselves needing to ask for some help. >> if you would like to help, drop off a donation during business hours over the next several weeks. marylanders try to -- the nta, jiept food and mix 106.5 team up every year to stuff a bus full of food and other items to benefit the maryland food bank. find out how you can help by going to our website,
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. utah's ski resorts are opening early. recent snow storms and plenty of cool temperatures were the perfect mix for snow bird resort to open a week earlier than
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scheduled. >> great to be back on the mountain. >> the conditions arr phenomenal. the coverage is unbelievable. >> a lot of snow. it was good. what you could see was good. >> the slopes in utah are about to get even better with more snow in the forecast this week. here in bbltimore we're not even ready to think about that yet, especially after the weekend we had. >> it was beautiful out there. do you ski? >> it's been a long time. >> i just fall down the hill and create a big snowball. >> it's fun, but i haven't done it in a long time.
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we warm nicely through the afternoon. presip, none to talk about as of yet. here's what's happening on the the temperature scale around the state. annapolis sitting at 53 degrees. folkssin chestertown sitting at 50. the bigger picture showing that area where [ male announcer ] build your better breakfast at subway
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